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Discover the Most Fun Calorie Scorching, Fat Shedding Kickboxing classes in Connecticut. Our high energy workouts tone your butt, legs, and arms all while helping you get a flatter, fitter mid-section.  If you’re interested in exploring a new workout routine or looking for something to take your current regimen to the next level you’ve found the perfect program.  Click the link below to learn how Kickboxing classes can actually help you get in the best shape of your life and we’ll see you in class.


Discover our Fun, Focus Building, Confidence Boosting, Kids Martial Arts classes; that help parents raise healthy smart and successful kids! Our super Fun and proven program teaches children that martial arts is more than just punching and kicking. It’s about trying your best at Home, in School, and in Karate class. Click the link below to learn more about how our classes will help your child become the best version of themselves and how we’re able to provide real support to parents just like yourself.  We’re excited to meet you and the family.  Grab our 6 week trial program today and together we’ll bring out the absolute best in your kid. See you in class!

About 100 Percent Martial Arts

To a Glastonbury area resident looking for fun, effective, and high quality Martial Arts classes:  Conveniently located in central Glastonbury – Discover why we are home to families from all over Hartford county.

Building an awesome Martial Arts school takes hard work, great people, an awesome facility and serious knowledge of fitness and self-defense. Add in passion and love for what you do and you have a great formula for success!

Our Martial Arts school has convenient parking and has anything and everything you’d want in walking distance. For parents of our karate kids we have a comfortable lobby with open viewing, changing rooms and bathrooms on site as well.

For our Adult Kickboxers we’ve got that high energy and motivation you’ve been looking for in a Fitness program. Hear pounding music motivating instructors and crazy awesome members will keep you coming back to classes week after week after week.

Here’s a little more about why 100 Percent continues to be your areas #1 choice for Kids Martial Arts and Kickboxing Classes.

Our Awesome Team:

Our Talented, Friendly, and Passionate instructors spend countless hours not just training, but also learning how to lead the absolute best classes for kids and adults! Our Instructors truly care about your experience and will take the time to make sure this school is the best fit for you. Since we’re dedicated to providing the best experience for your child your first class at our school is always a one on one personalized appointment, which helps us introduce the martial arts to your and your family in the best possible way. We find a 1 on 1 lesson to start lays the foundation for a long lasting relationship by helping us really get to know exactly what it is you’re looking for in a school and allowing us to better understand your child’s needs.  Our 6 week Beginners Trial program is the perfect way for you to see if martial arts is good fit for your child.

Our Classes

Our super fun kids martial arts classes make learning fun and also effective. With a big focus on character and behavioral development we often see positive changes and significant accomplishments in just a few short weeks! In fact while children are always learning and working on their martial arts movements at our school, they are also simultaneously setting goals to improve on one thing either at Home, or at School. Kids quickly learn that achieving a rank at 100 Percent is not just about being strong in class, but they also must accomplish these goals outside of class as well. This is such a large part of what we do kids even earn “character stripes” on their belts when they set and achieve goals at Home and in School.

Our Facility and Location:

If you are west of the river and looking for Kickboxing or Martial Arts in Wethersfield, Rocky Hill, Newington, or West Hartford we are only 10-20 minutes from you. If you’re east of our school looking for Kids Karate or Adult Fitness Kickboxing in Manchester, CT or Vernon area we are a great option 10 minutes down 84. If you’re looking for Kickboxing in Bloomfield or Windsor we are a straight shot down 91 south. If you’re South of us in towns like Middletown, Cromwell or even Colchester you can head North on 91 for just a bit and you’ll be on those bags in no time! We even have families coming down to Glastonbury from Bloomfield, South Windsor, and Windsor CT.

Our High energy and knowledgeable martial arts and fitness instructors are helping people from all over Connecticut lose weight and feel amazing. Consistently varying the workouts and bringing new exciting challenges to your fitness class will mean you will see results faster than ever before.

If you’re sitting here with any questions at all please do not hesitate to click one of the links above to read more about either our children’s classes or our Fitness programs, we’re confident if you’re looking for either one of those in the Glastonbury area you’ll be pumped when you come in for your first lesson. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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